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Cassandra Bodington
Creative Quarter
Morgan Arcade

Cardiff, CF10 1AF
United Kingdom
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“Having worked closely with you on my business, I am now far more confident to stand my ground and negotiate higher prices for our work.
I have run my business for 25 years probably on a wing and a prayer for the majority of the time, but we have established an excellent reputation at the same time. You have led me on a path to release tasks that can be covered by others allowing me more time to concentrate on the more important and enjoyable aspects.
In twelve months I have gone from working probably 12 to 16 hours a day in the office and at home to 8 to 9 hours, all in the office, and minimal work on weekends. This was only achievable by confidently delegating work.
I also managed to work 4 days a week for three of the summer months & look forward to extending that to every week from May 2017.
Thank you very much for all your help, I look forward to working with you this year to achieve more goals.”
Phil Oakley, Phil Oakley Construction
“Thank you Cassandra for helping me to find a focus again in my work and a belief in myself that had slipped. I now have such a desire to take my business on to another level. I truly feel that my mojo has been restored and that although I have a lot of hard work ahead, I am starting to develop, with your help, the tools to go forward. I am so looking forward to my/our journey over the coming weeks, months and years”
Paul Fosh, Paul Fosh Auctions
Cassandra is an incredible coach – even from a pond away! Her ability to ask the right questions, at the right time, forces you to look at situations from all angels and re-examine your own thinking. Cassandra has pushed my husband and I took look at both of our businesses through a different lens, and have seen successes we wouldn’t have achieved without her dedication to us. You can not go wrong with a Coach like Cassandra”
Tanya Graham & Marc Morganstern, 5 Strangers Films LTD
“Just when I thought I had a good business, I realised it could be 100% better!
My business had been experiencing some growing pains, so I decided to attend an all day seminar in which I spent the day at The Celtic Manor along with 30 other business owners. Even though every business was a different size and was in a different sector, it was soon evident that we all shared many things in common. I found this refreshing and very helpful to understand how other people handle this phase of their business.
Cassandra spent lots of time listening to my future plans and what stage my business is currently at, she helped me break my plans down into achievable goals and think about the one thing I would like to achieve each quarter.
It’s an ongoing process but I’m very optimistic and excited about the direction in which my business is heading and would say a large part of this is down to the work Cassandra has done thus far.
I would recommend Cassandra’s ActionCoaching to anyone!”
Glenn Perry, Ecommercial Cleaning LTD

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