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How many of us either haven’t made a business plan, or made one years ago and it’s been in a drawer ever since, gathering dust?


Business Plans are so often overlooked as the incredibly powerful tool that they are, simply because they aren’t created with execution in mind.


Well, we believe business planning should be done differently so we’ve introduced Planning Club to our clients with huge success.


So what is Planning Club? Planning Club is an exciting, and interactive program from the world’s leading business coaching company, designed to guide you through the process of creating a more powerful business through a dynamic business plan … more simply, more effectively and with less effort than ever before!


This interactive two-day workshop will give you the perspective and tools you need to create a business with higher PROFITS, greater CASH FLOW and increased VALUE.


3 things you will take away…


You will leave the workshop with more clarity, purpose and:

1. A powerful business plan

2. Effective, customised strategies for business improvement

3. An online model of your business


This all sounds great I’m sure, but what you will do with your online business model?


Well, this is not a static document to gather dust. Business moves constantly and so your plan will move with it! You will be able to update your online business model yourself or have a team member do it on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis to reflect what’s happening in your business.


Your online system will update your dashboard with your new projected position. This gives you enormous clarity and allows you to test your business assumptions and dynamically see the result to your cash at bank, your profitability, your equity value and the health of your business. PLUS, it immediately updates your business plan, giving you access to a dynamic business plan reflecting your business!


Everything is at your fingertips…


What you get:


1. Professional Facilitation: 2 x 7 hour Group Workshop days with all your key people in the room together. Step by Step be guided through the planning process and along the way gain valuable exposure to some of the latest business models and thinking. Have the opportunity to share ideas across your management team as you work through the opportunities and challenges ahead.

2. Cloud Based Business Planning: Receive online access to your own Business Planning Tool where you construct the core components of your business plan and align your thoughts, business direction and ultimate outcomes.

3. Succinct Business Plan: You will receive, within 10 days from the end of your Interactive two day Business Planning Workshop, a copy of your Business Plan which you have specifically developed for your business, including Strategies for Improvement, Financial Projections, and other key areas expected in a Professional Business Plan.

4. Financial Projections: Summary Income Statement for 5 years, Summary Balance Sheet for 5 years and Annualised Cash Flow for 5 years. Capital Purchases, Financial Cash needs for the business and Future Lending Requirements.

5. 1 on 1 Business Advisory Session: Once your plan is finalised, printed and bound, you get to meet with your coach 1 on 1 for a dedicated two-hour session to discuss the plan in detail and decide upon strategies and what actions you should take next.

6. Networking opportunities to meet dynamic business people

7. Cultural shift for both you and your business


Planning Club is available as a stand alone workshop, or can be combined with an ongoing coaching relationship.

£1995 + VAT for up to 2 people from the same business

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